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Ferme Magerotte
Le Porc des Prairies d'Ardenne

Rue de Lahaut, 11 - B-6950 Nassogne
T : +32(0)84 21 06 29 - F : +32(0)84 22 14 29
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Beef species: Belgian Blue-White and Angus Aberdeen beef cattle

Livestock housing conditions :

  • Cattle are housed in a series of pens with prairie land access of 1 hectare. Each pen is equipped in such a way as to maintain a comfortable cowshed microclimate with appropriate temperature and humidity levels and good ventilation.
  • Maximum numbers are 6 animals per housing unit.
  • Hay is changed daily with each animal receiving 30 kgs each.
  • The shed has been designed with horizontal and vertical brushes at each entrance point so that cattle automatically remove extra hair, dirt and parasites every time they pass through. This is to minimise the possibility of barn itch and increase animal comfort levels.
  • Salt blocks are available so cattle have a la carte access to a source of sodium chloride when required.
  • Automatic isothermal watering troughs are provided for the animals for guaranteed access to ample quantities of fresh water in summer and to water thats not too cold for them in winter.
Feed :
  • Animals are pasture- raised on fresh prairie grass without fertilizer. Grassland is mown two or three times per season to ensure that animals always have access to grass at optimal nutritional growth levels.

  • Each pen is provided with a mix of cereals including spelt, wheat, barley and rye and enriched with flaxseed and alfalfa meal as well as beetroot pulp. Balance is guaranteed with the addition of bicarbonate of soda & vitamins A, B3 and E. Delicious sugar molasses and beetroot ensure optimal appetence.
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